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Step Right Up, Step Right This Way!
Come One, Come All, To See
Professor Marvel's Amazing Flea Circus and Magic Show!

Starring Me, Victor, The Daredevil Flea.
Watch As I Cheat Death By Being Shot Out of a Cannon!

During the late 1800’s, flea circuses were all the rage across Europe and America. Crowds large and small flocked to see tiny fleas just like me perform amazing feats of strength and daring do.

Now you can experience the fun and laughter for yourself as Professor Marvel takes you back to the days of the traveling medicine show and flea circus.

As the sounds of circus music begin to fill the air, you and your children will begin to wriggle in your seats with anticipation and excitement.

Despite being “The Smallest Show on Earth,” this spectacle can be seen and appreciated by crowds of all sizes. You’ll witness well-trained fleas doing the impossible. Watch as my flea friends:

  Carry small items such as feathers, a balancing rod, and a      flag.

  Climb the diving board ladder, spring off the diving board      and land with a huge splash into the waiting pool below.

  Get shot out of a cannon, shatter a paper hoop, and get      safely caught in a baseball glove held by an audience      member.

  Walk a dangerous high wire act.

  And perform on the flying trapeze!
Professor Marvel's Amazing Flea Circus

100% Satisfaction

Professor Marvel and I personally guarantee that if you and your guests are not totally thrilled by the Amazing Flea Circus, we will pay you a refund of double your performance fee! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

"The best flea circus I have ever seen!"

Larry Potash, WGN-TV Morning Show

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P.S.: Our troupe of flea performers is in big, big demand. If you want to provide unique, quality family entertainment for your next gathering, I urge you to contact us today to reserve your date.

P.S.S.: If you’re still not sure you want to hire us, check out our video here. It’s just a small sample of the fun and laughs your friends will experience with Professor Marvel’s Amazing Flea Circus.

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